About Us



To establish a unique, all encompassing Ayurveda Institute with unlimited facilities, unmatched excellence.


To Establish a Model Ayurveda Institute to Meet Global Expectations


To establish a quality Ayurveda Institute for providing value added and globally relevant education based on eternal human values.
To establish a viable link between tradition, science and technology using ultra modern facilities, state of art equipment, sophisticated modern diagnostic aids and ancient traditional ideology


Resurrection and Revitalization of Ayurveda and enduring Indian tradition of pioneering excellence in learning in a universally relevant context To carryout meaningful research involving modern technology, ancient traditions & multi disciplinary faculty to throw light on hidden treasures of Ayurveda


Ensuring excellence in the academic milieu by providing nourishing and stimulating learning environment
To impart value added, universally relevant, quality teaching in order to engender globally viable and competent Ayurveda professionals
To meet the needs of ever expanding health care sector in the country through Ayurveda the ancient science of life.
To equip the students with the cutting edge technology and provide rare insight into the Indian medical philosophical insight to meet social values